crafted by photobiz


I LOVE yourwork!!!!!!!!!! Every piece is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!! Truly--you are soooooo talented!!! My favorite is the bride at the end...I love how you did that. Honestly, I don't even have a favorite-they are all amazing! You should have some of your art at restaurants...also, your art would be amazing in so many hotels! I will keep it in mind when I am seeing my hotel clients...the more fab vs. traditional ones! I really love your work!

Cameron Brunner Harros
New Yorker Magazine
Western Director
6x National Magazine Award Winner

Thank you for creating a painting from a photo of our restaurant Vitello's and the Pizza painting for our new restaurant Vitello's Express. The painting at our main restaurant Vitello's greets customers in the entry and the Pizza painting sign outside Vitello's Express entices people driving on Ventura Blvd. to come in for a bite. The artwork has been instrumental in enhancing our brand at the restaurants and in promotional brochures, menus, newspaper ads and business cards.

Matt Epstein CEO,
Vitello's Restaurants

I love the graphic design comps you did for our book Voice For Hire. You captured the uplifting spirit and energy of the voice-over business. I especially love your choice of vibrant colors that set it apart! And a huge debt of gratitude for always being there to fix and beautify all my best photos. Big hugs!!!

Randy Thomas
Voice-Over Artist/Author
Entertainment Tonight
The Insider


Thanks for turning our portrait into a fantastic work of art now featured in our home gallery and creating the hard bound coffee table art book of the entire photo collection. They're priceless!

Larry Vallon
Executive Vice President
AEG Live

You got it! The logo design you created for our nonprofit "Our Community" so beautifully captures the essence of our organization. You captured in an image exactly what I wanted to communicate. The logo united us in a visual way and given "Our Community" a recognizable corporate I.D. used on our website, stationary and T-Shirts. Thank you for your inspiration and dedication!

Ellen Burditt
Founder & President
Our Community--Families of Deafness

Fantastic website. I love the idea of taking a photo you love and turning it into art...especially SIZING IT UP and creating something iconic out of a personal photo for the home OR a classic photo or design/brand for your business (both can be big money).
Do it!

Eric Small

Please visit the amazing custom "Chef's Jacket" Painting Randie created now featured in the foyer of Gannon's Restaurant overlooking The Grand Wailea golf coursei n Maui, HI- I also love the "Warhol" style portrait you did of me which hangs in our home.

Beverly Gannon/Chef/Owner Gannon's

Hi Randie:
Thank you! Mark and I love the logo you created for our new company, iN 2 Productions! You have such insight and creativity to know exactly what we were looking for--and you nailed it! Your work is just beautiful.

Ellen Burditt
Executive Producer
iN 2 Productions

Thank you Randie for your photographic eye and for doing a stellar job shooting my entire jewelry and handbag collection for my website!

Jessica Sacks-Davimos

Thank you for photographing all the dishes for my Catering business website It makes my customers hungry for more!

Lori Lawson
Temptations Catering L.A.